Controlled lab reactors

Syrris controlled lab reactors and their uses in batch chemistry

Controlled lab reactors are widely employed in process development laboratories. Typically consisting of glass-jacketed reactors with thermoregulator control and overhead stirring, traditional systems are limited in flexibility, data collection, set up time and integration with other devices.

Syrris introduced a new concept in Controlled lab reactors – the Atlas automated chemistry range – where no tools are required to assemble the apparatus and the system can either be controlled by the intelligent base or by PC software.

What’s different about the Syrris Atlas controlled lab reactor?

Atlas can control a range of jacketed reactors from 100 mL to 5 L. Reactors can be changed in seconds thanks to the quick jacketed vessel clamp, oil drain unit, quick circulator connectors and auto-aligning stirrer.

Atlas allows control of either set points or profiles of reaction conditions from either the front panel or PC software interface. Without the need for a PC, Atlas can control and log stirrer speed, a variety of temperatures, pH, turbidity, volumetric addition and more. The data can then be downloaded to a USB memory stick.

With PC control, the Atlas automated reactor system allows real-time data plotting and control/logging of not just Syrris hardware but virtually any RS232 or analog 3rd party device.

3rd party hardware

The control and integration of third-party hardware are important for any controlled reactor system. The Syrris Atlas allows almost any external device to be fully integrated (with control and data logging) whether that be a pump, balance, IR probe, recirculator, vacuum control unit, mass flow meter, turbidity probe or anything else you care to name.

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Syrris Atlas PC Software 1 - Screenshot 3
Syrris Atlas PC Software 1 - Screenshot 1
Atlas HD - Automated chemical synthesis system from Syrris
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