Reaction control software

Laboratory reaction control software

Reaction control software is available from Syrris for whole system control, configuration, and analysis.

Batch chemistry reaction control software

The Atlas Software range is available for batch chemistry. A summary of the Atlas Software range is below:

      • Atlas Software 1: For whole system control, configuration and analysis of Atlas hardware and all RS232 controlled devices such as pumps, balances, circulators, etc.
      • Atlas Reporting Software: Allows easy graphical analysis of log files generated by either the Base Unit, Atlas Software 1, or the Atlas Syringe Pump
      • Atlas Parallel Software: Will control many Atlas systems (up to 4) and allow them to be connected to one PC and be controlled in parallel
      • Atlas Calorimetry Software Upgrade: Used with Atlas Software 1, the Atlas Calorimetry Software Upgrade enables heat flow calorimetry and power compensation calorimetry to be performed
      • Atlas COM Port Software: Provides the same functionality as Atlas Software 1, with the exception that it uses RS232 connection directly to the PC rather than via an Atlas Port
Syrris Atlas PC Software 1 - Screenshot 3
Syrris Atlas PC Software 1 - Screenshot 1

Asia flow chemistry reaction control software

Asia Software controls, configures and analyses data from Asia, Syrris’ fully automated, flexible and easy-to-use microreactor flow system.

The Asia Software allows the user to enter only “chemist familiar” terms, e.g. concentration, equivalents, time and temperature rather than flow rates.

The Asia Software automatically detects which modules are connected. The user can select a predefined task or create a new one with a drag and drop interface. Each experiment is run automatically by the software and data is logged. When using the HPLC modules, a sample of each reaction is automatically taken, diluted and injected onto the HPLC for analysis.

When the experiment has completed, reports and graphs can be printed and data exported to .csv files. When using the Asia HPLC modules, the chromatograms can be displayed, integrated and tabulated.

Asia PC Manager Software - Screenshot
Asia PC Manager Software - Screenshot 2
Asia Flow Chemistry Systems
This video is an overview for Asia, the award winning range of advanced flow chemistry products from Syrris

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