Titan features various reactor modules which can be quickly connected together to create single- or multi-step, and multi-temperature zone reactors. Our patent pending technology makes it easy to move from lab scale to pilot scale chemistry.

  • Pre-Reaction Heat Exchanger – for heating or cooling the reagents before the reaction proceeds.
  •  Fast Mixing Injector – designed for fast reactions. Liquid-liquid or liquid-gas. Extremely high mass transfer and heat transfer. The module allows multiple temperature zones or maintenance of temperature between modules.
  • Residence Time Unit – allows excellent temperature control for the desired residence time of the reaction. Reactor volumes of 64 mL and 250 mL with the ability to connect multiple Residence Time Units to achieve the desired reactor volume to suit the process.
  • Post-Reaction Heat Exchanger – for heating or cooling the product solution after the reaction, typically back to near ambient temperature.