Titan Manufacturing System

The Titan product range is a revolutionary continuous chemical processing system for production scales from kilo lab, through pilot plant to manufacturing. The Titan Manufacturing System is ideal for multi-step chemical processes that have been optimised, and are now candidates for manufacture.



The system can be fully automated, producing up to a tonne of product per day, using equipment designed for long-term operation. It can also be quickly and easily reconfigured, to switch from manufacturing one product to another, depending on the needs of your manufacturing facility. The Titan Manufacturing System has been designed for use in walk-in fume cupboards.

The Titan Manufacturing System has similar benefits to the other Titan systems. The same equipment that can be used on a manufacturing scale can be transferred to the lab or pilot scale. Your reactions utilize our high-performance mixing chips and ultra-smooth pumps to ensure that your chemistry occurs in optimum conditions. The specially selected materials of construction ensure high chemical resistance, ensuring that the system remains reliable for extended periods of time.


Reactor Volumes

64 mL and 250 mL reactors can be added in series to cover a wide volume range


Output suitable for laboratory, pilot plant, and manufacturing environments

System Flow Rates

1 mL/min to 1 L/min

Pump Flow Rates

1 mL/min to 250 mL/min


最大 20 Bar


-40°C ~ +250°C

Types of Processes

Suited for both fast reactions with high mass transfer and heat transfer requirements, and slow reactions. Designed for use with multiple phases


Glass, fluoropolymers, Hastelloy, Elgiloy


Control process parameters from the modules, via Titan software, or via pre-existing PLC or plant software


Laminar through to turbulent flow available using the same equipment


Anti-tamper, pressure detection, and auto shut down features